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Did you know that around 25 000 songs are released every day ?

Benefits of Record Deal

01. Once your song was approved by Soundevote and the record deal was signed by both sides - your song stays permanently on all submitted music platforms.

NOTE: Removing songs from the platform can happen in case, if there was a copyright issue or violation of the rules on the specific platform.

02. After signing a contract - You own 42% to 50% of your royalties. This percentage includes recording and publishing (more details in the contract). Music royalties are paid every 3 months by bank transfer or PayPal.

NOTE: It might take 6 - 12 months, when we'll receive the first publishing royalties since song registration. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

03. Your song goes live in 4 - 6 weeks.

NOTE: The reason why we want at least 4 weeks in advance, is simple. We want you to prepare for your release and prevent any errors during this period.

Benefits of Record Deal

04. You'll receive a free ISRC and UPC code including all registrations without paying fees.


05. Your song is available in the most popular streaming services and digital stores (+50) around the world. The most common services: Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Pandora, TidalBeatport, etc.

06. Soundevote collaborates with a small network of people, including record labels, playlist curators and music lovers, where we'll support your music for free. This benefit gives you and your music a better chance to reach your fans and gain potential new audiences.

07. Your song will be posted on our socials - Facebook, Instagram, website & google for free.

08. This is just a single contract for the specific song defined and signed by both sides. It means that the record deal will not apply for your past or future releases and has nothing to do with it.

Additional Services

NOTE: Additional services are available only if you have a record deal with Soundevote. This section includes free and paid services.


01. Music Video Distribution - £80 per video/song (Vevo - youtube, Tidal, Apple Music, Facebook PMV, Vimeo)

NOTE: Music must contain 100% original material (audio and visual). Your video can't contain - stock footage.


02. Viral advertising through our socials - Facebook / Instagram with a focus on Spotify artist profile (pre-save /pre-release, post release - organic campaigns including smart link).

03. Soundcloud Organic Promotion via our or Artist Soundcloud profile.

04. Email Marketing Campaign

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