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​Dear visitors, listeners & music lovers. Soundevote works across multiple music projects including spotify playlists. We want to show you our music taste in the form of playlists, where we support various artists of different sizes. Below, you can simply submit your song for consideration.  Before  submitting  make  sure your song matches the genre in a specific playlist.
At the moment we support only selected genres including
house, melodic house, melodic techno, progressive house, tech-house and techno. We highly recommend you to listen to our playlists before submitting. This is a free submission, it means there's no guarantee of response or feedback. In case if we decide to add your song to the playlist you'll be contacted in 72 hours. Once a song is approved, it stays in the playlist for a minimum of 3 months, up to 12 months or more depending on the quality of track.

NOTE: Soundevote doesn't  provide any paid placements! What matters is only  filling our playlists with good music.

We appreciate your support by following, sharing and listening to our channels, playlists & posts on our social media. Many businesses including ours were affected by Covid-19, it means your support matters. If you like what we do you can also support us voluntarily by donating via PayPal or Debit Card clicking on the donation link below.
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